“We at Shapiro Brown & Alt, LLP are meeting the challenges presented by our constantly changing industry. We are committed to fully understanding and using tracking and reporting systems that enable our clients to efficiently track our work. We monitor the changing policies and practices of the local courts and overcome any obstacles we confront. We understand that emails, phone calls and other communications from our clients deserve immediate responses. From the beginning in 1985 we have understood that to succeed we must understand and exceed the requirements of our clients.

Proven Record

Our firm has long compiled an excellent record in providing fast timeframes. We have long recognized that the lenders lose money for every day of delay. This record began to be recognized in the industry. In 2000 we were selected by Freddie Mac to be one of the Designated Counsel firms in Virginia.

Progressive Thinking

We realize that one source of substantial and needless delay for lenders is in the field of evictions. We have placed a special focus on post-foreclosure eviction timeframes since the mid-1990′s.”